Mahishasura Mardini Stortram

This stotram is hailing the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother is the active part of Paramatma, the infinite timeless Nothing that is in all of us just as the water under the waves, while we are the forms, the waves.

The Divine Mother I compare in this stotram to the strings in string theory. All that we experience here is a realization of the 11 dimensional strings underlying everything. Divine Mother like the formless Atman is in all of us.

We can contact the Deity mentally, we can shape the strings. We can destroy the Devils, such as Mahishasura is destroyed in the stotram, the devils which are in our mind. That is my message about Mahishasura whom Durga/Kali killed.

See also the description in the video in English.

The sculpture in the picture above symbolizes for me the evil thoughts in the head… (Sculpture Museum Mamallapuram)


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