Maa Durga, reaching out for you…

this mountain I must clilmb, the path, it is deep and winding….


The Header Picture to this post shows a painting I once made, “woman with tiger”. I chose it here because Maa Durga is shown with a Lion as her vahana. My woman only has two arms, but then, also in two armed women Durga is ever present. The arms show the greatness of power of the Goddess.

My soaring dream kite…

Dreams tend to  fly high, like kites. Indians have a day where they let kites fly in competitions. Indians also have many dreams. Most want to be No. 1 in the world, like in flying kites….

Dreams can be attacked, like kites in the competitions. Dreams of love, dreams about being together with the beloved, can also be shattered by competition. That is my song about.

Lyrics and Music by AnandRahasya.

No common love…

Can there ever be one love like the other? But this one, this is no common love. Or is it? In some places of the world lovers have to meet in secret, best in the woods (or park) at New Moon…

This is again a contribution to the endless series of love songs. I made this song after reading a fine story about an Elf and his love for the moon. He loved the moon so terribly that the moon also fell in love and always then, when the world doesn’t see the moon (at New Moon) the moon descends to his Lover, and they meet in the forests and at the river side…

Lyrics and Music by AnandRahasya.

Here are the lyrics in English and Spanish:

This is no common love


This is no common love

Difficult and undercover

When you have to seek the night

To get out of other’s sight

Shy for the light

I hope for the night

Will you then come

Light up the night

Light up my life

Give me your love

So that I will survive

All through the day

To the next night.

Esto no es un amor común Difícil y encubierto Cuando se tiene que buscar la noche Para salir de la vista de otros Tímido por la luz Espero por la noche Te vas a venir, iIlumina la noche iIlumina mi vida Dando me tu amor Así que voy a sobrevivir Durante todo el día Por la noche siguiente.

When the night settles I come for my love

Near the dark woods at the river I wait

The wind blows, clouds gallop over the sky

I wait and there she finally comes to the light

You appeared to me Like on silvery wings

In the early dusk light a brilliant lovely sight

So mystic, so special, so very different

You hypnotize me,

like the moon you rise

In silvery shine,

You drive me mad

Come into my arms

Live this our life

In secrecy

This is no common love

Difficult and undercover

Only in the night

Cuando se hace tarde vengo por mi amor Cerca de los bosques oscuros en el río yo espero Sopla el viento, las nubes corren sobre el cielo Espero y allí se llega finalmente a la luz Tu aparecistes a mí como con alas plateadas En el reducido luz una vista preciosa brillante Así mística, de modo especial, de modo muy diferente Tu me hipnotizas, como la luna te elevas En el brillo plateado, Tu me traes loco Vega a mis brazos Viva esta nuestra vida en secreto Esto no es un amor común Difícil y encubierto Sólo en la noche

you feel quite dizzy in my strong arms

when I tell you my love fills my heart

and in the whispers that roam the night

I hear the sighs from your lips in delight

You are the new moon with me in the dark woods

You are my New Moon only I can see you

Nobody knows where is our hiding place

You fill my whole heart

with your silver shine

you are in my mind

your silk –like skin

white porcelain

soft tickling hair

floating in the air

This is no common love

Difficult and undercover

Only in the night

Te sientes muy mareado en mis brazos fuertes cuando te digo que mi amor llena mi corazón y en los susurros que deambulan por la noche Oigo los suspiros de sus labios en el deleite Tu eres la luna nueva conmigo en la oscuridad del bosque Eres mi nueva luna (noviluneo), sólo yo puedo verte Nadie sabe dónde está nuestro escondite Tu llenas todo mi corazón con tu brillo de plata estás en mi mente tu piel sedosa porcelana blanca pelo un suave cosquilleo flotando en el aire Esto no es un amor común Difícil y encubierto Sólo en la noche

Durga Kumari

Is it possible that the lessening of puja of Durga Kumari (the child goddess) in Nepal led to the terrible earthquakes in 2015 and destruction of many temples? Is Durga angry because the power of the priests, the power which she had on the king, on the government is constantly reduced?

I dont think so. Durga is a Goddess who fights Evil and not creates Evil. Durga is a benevolent Goddess, she is the Mother Goddess who is creation and creator, She is everything.

In my video I used pictures of the Child Goddess during ceremonies in Nepal, from Internet. I sing the Durga Chalisa, a hymn to Durga.

Worship of a young girl, treating her as Devi, is also a part of Ashtami Puja.  Sri Ramakrishna has said that the Divine Mother manifests herself more in a pure-hearted girl and that is why Kumari Puja is done.  He used to bow down before little girls looking upon them as manifestations of the Divine Mother.   When Durga Puja was done at Belur Math for the first time, Swami Vivekananda worshipped several Kumaris.  Now only one Kumari is worshipped.  The same kinds of offerings made to the Devi are given to the Kumari also, and finally Arati is performed.  Even senior monks offer flowers at her feet (Belur Math). such Girl worship is done also during Durga Puja all over the world.

The blog head Picture is taken from one of These ceremonies.

You are a sea of love…

This is a Hindi song, from a Hindi movie, then used as a spiritual song. I used the theme and adapted it to a new music. I came to know this bhajan when I was a disciple of Sathya Sai Baba.

Sathya Sai Baba is God in a way as I and you are God, perhaps he was spiritually a bit(?) further developed.

Through him I learned playing instruments and singing. I am grateful.

Lyrics (my Translation):


You’re a sea of love

And I am just of it a little drop

You are a sea of love

And I’m a drop returning to you

Belonging to you

You are the endless sea of love


I’m an insane bird,

I am injured in mind

Too disturbed to fly

Wings are weak,

eyes are blurred

Have to cross endless seas

endless infinite waters

Never know from where

I did come

It is out of my sight


Here our life is hustling

Then our life is hurting

beyond the gulf of death

is the hidden path

To bliss we want.

Now I’ve got so confused

please tell me now clearly

From where did I come

And which way to go

to our home?