My soaring dream kite…

Dreams tend to  fly high, like kites. Indians have a day where they let kites fly in competitions. Indians also have many dreams. Most want to be No. 1 in the world, like in flying kites….

Dreams can be attacked, like kites in the competitions. Dreams of love, dreams about being together with the beloved, can also be shattered by competition. That is my song about.

Lyrics and Music by AnandRahasya.


11 thoughts on “My soaring dream kite…

  1. Love the butterfly kite. I had one that my dad made out of dressmaking pattern paper and lengths of dowel. It flew for a short while, but wasn’t a very successful design. Luckily for me, my dreams have stayed up for much longer.

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    1. the blog picture about the kite at the beach we, my daughter and I, painted once during holidays where we tried to master the two string kite. I myself as a kid also made kites from packing paper but they were usually too heavy and didnt come up right. At that time, I thinl. I dint have far reaching dreams. Thanks, Sylvia.

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  2. Beautiful post… dreamers tend to fly high when it comes to their aims and therefore, most times, to their achievements… just like kites do…
    Thanks so much for sharing… all my best wishes. Aquileana ☀️

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