Now I know what love is…

Music and lyrics de AnandRahasya, sung by Anand y Teresa

Most often we are mistaken for selfish, when we follow our light. Therefore we must be courageous and not shrink under criticism. and most of it all, we must be just and understanding of others who pain when we follow the light. We must be compassionate towards the others who have not seen that light yet…

I had no Chance but to follow this light just as she followed it ….


5 thoughts on “Now I know what love is…

  1. Gracias por tu luz mi bella alma y si pensamos en esos seres que aun no es su momento de ver esa luz,pero muy pronto serán muchos mas ,sentí tu corazón y tu sentiste el mio,ellos solo saben que se aman .
    Ahora sé lo que es el amor..mi amado,gracias por tu regalo de cada día que es tu bella sonrisa llena de paz y amor,solo mirarte me brillan mis ojos .Te amo

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