Durga Kumari

Is it possible that the lessening of puja of Durga Kumari (the child goddess) in Nepal led to the terrible earthquakes in 2015 and destruction of many temples? Is Durga angry because the power of the priests, the power which she had on the king, on the government is constantly reduced?

I dont think so. Durga is a Goddess who fights Evil and not creates Evil. Durga is a benevolent Goddess, she is the Mother Goddess who is creation and creator, She is everything.

In my video I used pictures of the Child Goddess during ceremonies in Nepal, from Internet. I sing the Durga Chalisa, a hymn to Durga.

Worship of a young girl, treating her as Devi, is also a part of Ashtami Puja.  Sri Ramakrishna has said that the Divine Mother manifests herself more in a pure-hearted girl and that is why Kumari Puja is done.  He used to bow down before little girls looking upon them as manifestations of the Divine Mother.   When Durga Puja was done at Belur Math for the first time, Swami Vivekananda worshipped several Kumaris.  Now only one Kumari is worshipped.  The same kinds of offerings made to the Devi are given to the Kumari also, and finally Arati is performed.  Even senior monks offer flowers at her feet (Belur Math). such Girl worship is done also during Durga Puja all over the world.

The blog head Picture is taken from one of These ceremonies.


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