I am Your Sitar

In our world we are the playball of forces unknown

and of known ones but not always under our control.

I feel like being under the influence of higher Forces,

they guide me, I call them Mother.

Mother Plays on me like on a Sitar….

Music adapted from Mishra, rendition by AnandRahasya


4 thoughts on “I am Your Sitar

  1. Hi there! 😉 great little piece… I often feel the power of higher Forces… We can call the God, Fate, Destiny… These forces need to be Correlated our own forces, and mostly with our freedom. It is a matter of balance. Things come out the way they should after all, but balance of these different energies in a major element, I believe.
    Happy Holidays to you!!! ❤

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  2. Sometimes I have the Feeling that the higher forces only let you think you have a choice. Sometimes they play the strings so mightily that there is no escape, that I have to relent, to succumb and follow their rhythm and melody…
    Thanks, Aquileana, for your most welcome comment.
    Have happy Holidays yourself, may the higher Forces protect you ❤

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