The Constitution

Can a country prevent a part of it, a Region (e.g. Catalunya), to detach itself from it, to become independent? Is this democracy to let people vote for a government in their region and when they vote for a process leading to independence, apply an article of the constitution that allows  to remove this regional government and take over control by the central government? So it happened in Spain. Now the separatists partly sit in jail and others have fled to Belgium. New elections shall take place in 21 of Dec. What if the separatists get again Majority?

Should real democracy not be to let the Region vote and decide their future, without restrictions, without the threat of a golpe de estado by the central government? Or should the Separatist movement, who openly declare their goal to become an Independent state, a Republic, not be declared unconstitutional and therefore be prohibited?

In my opinion the constitution and the politics of the central government are hypocritical. To solve the real problem and change the constitution is a no-go for them.

New problems are programmed. The separatists of Catalunya cannot be suppressed and flushed down the toilet…


11 thoughts on “The Constitution

  1. what if: ant workers deny to work, my left leg wants to stay in bed, when my body has to go babysitting? Can single parts of a System be wiser than the mass? Are more People more intelligent than some of them? Or are we the silly Underdogs who have to be ruled by some selected People? At the finance crisis everybody made the same mistake. The more People can vote, the more extreme peaks are compensated.
    People have to be free to talk and discuss, not lock up the Counterpart to prison. That is not Democracy.

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    1. you pose many questions, dschjoti. The government of Spain only knew one answer to the Independence movement: lawfulness. But what if the law, the constitution is undemocratic? And the other answer was the article of the constitution, 155, that was Kind of a coup d’estat for Catalunya. The Problem is complex and Needs clever answers. But the central government knows only one answer and that is Suppression. Years ago the leading Party of the government, the PP lanced a legal suit against the Status of autonomy for Catalunya and achieved a reduction in autonomy. That caused strengthening of the independence movement. This Party, the PP is trying to Keep the lid on Independence of regions still today, insteaad of searching an Agreement. As you said, one must talk and not suppress.

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  2. Son tiempos difíciles en España ,pero en Cataluña mas,ellos quieren tener unos derechos y estamos en una democracia ,esto que está sucediendo no es de ahora ,los están metiendo en la cárcel para meter miedo y se eche la gente para atrás ,no son asesinos ,pero el pueblo no da un paso atrás como la constitución ,gracias por compartir este video solidario hecho desde el corazón para esos bellos corazones

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    1. Si, mi hada, el gobierno central quiere dar miedo a la poblacion, para que no votan por los independistas en 21-D. Pero si tratas que dar menos comido al Lion y blandes el azote para dominarle, no puedes ser seguro de que se retira por miedo. Tambien puede tomar todo su fuerza por atacarte, como un arbol que produce muchoas frutos por miedo de morir de sequia.


    1. consgtructive discussions with all stake holders we have had when i still was in the ministery. However, the media and the Greens never wanted to understand or admit the necessity of it.


  3. What state is Spain? The minister of the Interior doesn’t know the definition of a polítical prisoner, the highest judge doesn’t want to release the political prisoner from preventive imprisonment because he doesn’t give up his political goals.
    What sense would It make for the prisoner to be released from preventive jail and not be able to wage electoral campaigning? Even having changed his mind and political goals he would later be punished anyways.
    And a central government which enjoys applying the article 155 of the constitution instead of conciliatory talks (How often have we heard the representatives of the government say that they dont talk with perpetrators of the law. I say: how often has it been done when the lives of hostages were on stake, that the police went into talks with the perpetrator?)
    And the dot on the i is that the polítical movement (parties following the goal of independence) is not prohibited but single politicians persecuted.
    And the constitution is not democrátic because it restricts democrátic decisions of the autonomous regions. Qué lío, está España…

    But perhaps I don’t understand all this. Then, who does?


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